O’Gourmet Food Hall

When I started this blog about six months ago, I never imagined that in such a short time, I would have made new friends, and established myself in the public space as a cook. I have always known that cooking, food – and vegetarianism – are passions of mine, but to begin to change my work, and create a life around these passions… well, that was something that was a dream. And now, its coming true. I am so thrilled every time a friend – old or new – sends me a text or email or message about food and cooking. It makes me happy that people recognise that this is who I am – this is my truth, my joy, my happiness.

So many things are happening because I am following my truth. A dear friend introduced my blog to O’Gourmet Food Hall, and they recognised a kindred spirit. They contacted me, and we chatted for a while. They loved the blog. As I have been a long-term customer of theirs, I am very comfortable in highlighting their ingredients and products here. As a result, they have offered to sponsor my blog, delectable, and I have accepted. How amazing is that… I will be creating a recipe once a week that will be designated as an O’Gourmet recipe as a result of my frequent visits there!

O’Gourmet’s belief in my kind of cooking – delicious, delectable food of love – and their kind and enthusiastic support of me is just such a deep pleasure. I have gotten great feedback on recipes Ive been developing for them, and wonderful advice about how easy it would be to pair various ingredients with each other from their experts. Their sponsorship allows me to experiment with different ingredients, to explore new ideas, and to be inspired in a way that is very liberating. Their support of this blog, and my writing, is humbling, and yet it tells me that I am moving forward in the right direction.

O’Gourmet Food Hall is the kind of place I am deeply happy to work and collaborate with because its philosophy mirrors mine – best quality, fresh, respectfully sourced food and ingredients that celebrate a myriad of cultures and traditions. Walking through the Food Hall is a happy, inspiring experience, and I am excited to be able to present an O’Gourmet Recipe each week. Most of the ingredients in these designated recipes will be easily available at O’Gourmet, and will take advantage of their breadth and depth of quality and choice.

I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I will take great joy in developing and cooking them!

O’Gourmet Food Hall East Wing, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +60.3.2094.9966

Website: http://ogourmet.bsc.com.my

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ogourmetfoodhall

One Response to “O’Gourmet Food Hall”

  1. Susan Peh June 12, 2012 at 5:06 am #

    Yes, the food is tasty and coffee is great! Most importantly, your staff Jordan Chow, at Bangsar, is professional n service- oriented!

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