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MoMA Obsessions

29 Aug

I wrote in an earlier post about how most passionate cooks have obsessions – knives they love, immersion blenders, wax paper! Well, my sister left a copy of the Museum of Modern Art catalogue on my bed for me the other day, and I am truly obsessed. Their kitchen stuff is amazing … not only does it look gorgeous (oh how I wish my whole kitchen was design chic!) but some of it is bloody brilliant too! If I had an unlimited budget for this trip to the US, these are the things I would bring home with me:

An adjustable rolling pin. USD$20.00. How clever is this?! Not only does the rolling pin have measurements printed on it (so you know youve rolled out enough for a 9 diametre inch pan, for example) but it also has disks which you slot onto either end of the pin. These disks will ensure that you get the proper thickness of dough – from 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/16″, 1/8″ – wonderful for a pastry cook who needs to follow precise instructions.

Garlic crusher – USD$25.00. Clever and beautiful all at the same time! This sculptural piece of steel pulverises garlic in one easy roll. Much easier to clean than a garlic press, and because its made of steel, you can use it to wash your hands of the garlic smell too! I love this piece. Its something I would use all the time!

Jar Tops – USD$25.00. Green, sexy and clever, all rolled into one! Repurpose those glass jars with universal screw caps. Theres shakers, pourers and cruets. I think I might have to get this… so smart! I love the idea of using a pourer for milk, and then repurposing another glass jar and using the pourer for a sauce. Such a useful set to have in any kitchen.

I have been looking for a good knife sharpener for a long long time. I have tried loads of different sharpeners, but I never get it quite right. This one (USD$65.00) uses water, and coarse, medium and fine grinding wheels to ensure a perfect blade. And with my knife obsession, it is worth it to look after them well. My hands tell the story of poorly sharpened or blunt knives – theyre just not worth it if you cook often!

This pan scraper (USD$15.00) was designed by Martin Puryear, and accompanied a major exhibition of his work at MoMA in 2007. It looks like a piece of art and is supremely functional. Its blade rotates 360 degrees, and yet it is made of nylon so it wont harm non stick pan surfaces. Wonderful for cleanup, to get all the bits and pieces out of a pan or pot or dish, and beautiful to look at. I want one!

Talk about art! This spaghetti measure (USD$26.00), designed by Paolo Gerosa, and made by Alessi is stunning. Each loop measures out a certain amount of spaghetti – for 1, 2 or 5 people. Depending on how many you are serving, you just do a little math and you have exact measurements! It looks like a knuckle duster, and I wish my whole kitchen was designed with beautiful objects like this in mind.

Do check out the MoMA online shop. Their things are exquisite. Curated shopping for form, function and design. Just such a feast for the senses! And a big dent for the credit card 😉