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Even More Kitchen Obsessions

21 Sep

I have been ill lately, and in no fit state to cook. I managed soup yesterday, but I worry that if I make something, I will pass on this nasty bug to one of my family. So with very little to occupy my time (well, except the Queen Z of course), I have taken to dreaming about my perfect, modern, streamlined, totally organised kitchen. These are some of the things I would have in it!


This knife block reminds me of Starck’s ghost chair. Sexy and streamlined, its truly a thing of beauty. Such clever design. Of course, I know that if I had it in my kitchen it would soon be scratched, splattered with food, and precariously sitting atop something… but a woman can dream cant she?! If I could have a kitchen that would fit a knife block like that … well, it would have to be as large as my entire flat at home!

Knife block by Messerstahl. Dreams by me ๐Ÿ˜‰

with stones!

Talk about sleek. This water pitcher uses Binchotan charcoal and Iouseki stones from Japan. At once earthy and modern, I can imagine having this in my stainless steel fridge. The water is filtered through the charcoal and stones, and becomes mineral rich in the process. Its a gorgeous serving carafe as well. I love it because the charcoal and stones last up to 6 months – when one thinks about treading on the earth lightly and with care, using a product that gives you up to six times more use than regular water filters… well, that just makes me really happy. Plus its stunningly beautiful. I wish I had more room in my luggage!


In my ย dream kitchen, I would have this Gnam bread box by Alessi, designed by Stefano Giovanonni and Elisa Gargan. The kitchen of my heart is brushed stainless steel with bamboo wood accents – light, airy and yet very industrial modern in colour. However, my life is not monochrome, and I would want the occaisional pops brightness… I adore the colour of this bread box, and yet its modern lines are very in tune with the design aesthetic that I love. How gorgeous is this?!

I must pause to admit here, that the kitchen of my dreams will in all reality stay exactly that. I am too messy, too much of a hoarder, and like cosiness too much to be able to maintain a zen space of which I dream. Within two minutes, it would be messy, warm, splattered, covered in photographs and notes, and painted with the textures of my life. I understand and accept this, but in a world where I wouldnt have to do the cleaning up and putting away, I might attempt a streamlined kitchen!

by prepara

These gorgeous modernist tubes hold water at the bottom, and fit into the door of the refrigerator. You can safely store asparagus and a variety of fresh herbs fresh for up to 3 weeks! What a pleasure that would be. One of the reasons I dislike buying fresh herbs is that they very rarely survive to the second cooking… I use them once for a recipe I am dreaming up, and then when I go to use them again a few days later, they are sticky and dying. Its an expensive waste, but this would solve that problem in absolutely stunning style. What I would give to have six or seven fresh herbs at my disposal day and night. And to be honest, at USD$30 for a set of 3, the Prepara Herb Savor is an economical designer friendly way to be green.

profi plus

I love this Profi Plus Bobble Whisk by WMF. Its so beautiful and yet so simple. One of the main reasons we whisk ingredients together is to aerate them – and the bobbles are designed specifically to enable more air to circulate within the ingredients while whisking. Theres the science of it, and then theres the pure aesthetic pleasure of looking at and using something so pretty. This whisk is about USD$30 – but I think it is worth it. I love things that work well and are designed with care and thought.

from DWR

Back in Malaysia, I have two very used and beloved black granite mortar and pestles. They were bought in the markets, and have been used for everything from grinding spices to making sauces. They are heavy as hell, and very comfortable. This, however, is a mortar and pestle from design heaven (actually, its USD30 from Design Within Reach, but you know what I mean!). I would probably keep my black granite ones, but this piece would be on the counter top (next to the ghost knife block). Its simple and yet sensuous. Those curves are lovely, and that pestle looks like it could fit in the palm of my hand perfectly. Stunning in its simplicity, and yet very user friendly.

And finally, a bit of whimsy. This tea kettle, by Michael Graves, from Alessi, is something that I lusted after for ages. I loved its usefulness, and yet its sweetness. Its charming and yet so beautifully made. Thanks to one of my best friends (yes, you, ZaZa), I now own this gorgeous piece. I have to figure out a way to use it in my real life kitchen though… its so gorgeous, I am saving it for best. I have come to realise, in the course of writing this blog, that the best is NOW. So when I get home, I will take it off the highest shelf, where I look at it and admire it, and actually start making tea with it ๐Ÿ™‚

MoMA Obsessions

29 Aug

I wrote in an earlier post about how most passionate cooks have obsessions – knives they love, immersion blenders, wax paper! Well, my sister left a copy of the Museum of Modern Art catalogue on my bed for me the other day, and I am truly obsessed. Their kitchen stuff is amazing … not only does it look gorgeous (oh how I wish my whole kitchen was design chic!) but some of it is bloody brilliant too! If I had an unlimited budget for this trip to the US, these are the things I would bring home with me:

An adjustable rolling pin. USD$20.00. How clever is this?! Not only does the rolling pin have measurements printed on it (so you know youve rolled out enough for a 9 diametre inch pan, for example) but it also has disks which you slot onto either end of the pin. These disks will ensure that you get the proper thickness of dough – from 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/16″, 1/8″ – wonderful for a pastry cook who needs to follow precise instructions.

Garlic crusher – USD$25.00. Clever and beautiful all at the same time! This sculptural piece of steel pulverises garlic in one easy roll. Much easier to clean than a garlic press, and because its made of steel, you can use it to wash your hands of the garlic smell too! I love this piece. Its something I would use all the time!

Jar Tops – USD$25.00. Green, sexy and clever, all rolled into one! Repurpose those glass jars with universal screw caps. Theres shakers, pourers and cruets. I think I might have to get this… so smart! I love the idea of using a pourer for milk, and then repurposing another glass jar and using the pourer for a sauce. Such a useful set to have in any kitchen.

I have been looking for a good knife sharpener for a long long time. I have tried loads of different sharpeners, but I never get it quite right. This one (USD$65.00) uses water, and coarse, medium and fine grinding wheels to ensure a perfect blade. And with my knife obsession, it is worth it to look after them well. My hands tell the story of poorly sharpened or blunt knives – theyre just not worth it if you cook often!

This pan scraper (USD$15.00) was designed by Martin Puryear, and accompanied a major exhibition of his work at MoMA in 2007. It looks like a piece of art and is supremely functional. Its blade rotates 360 degrees, and yet it is made of nylon so it wont harm non stick pan surfaces. Wonderful for cleanup, to get all the bits and pieces out of a pan or pot or dish, and beautiful to look at. I want one!

Talk about art! This spaghetti measure (USD$26.00), designed by Paolo Gerosa, and made by Alessi is stunning. Each loop measures out a certain amount of spaghetti – for 1, 2 or 5 people. Depending on how many you are serving, you just do a little math and you have exact measurements! It looks like a knuckle duster, and I wish my whole kitchen was designed with beautiful objects like this in mind.

Do check out the MoMA online shop. Their things are exquisite. Curated shopping for form, function and design. Just such a feast for the senses! And a big dent for the credit card ๐Ÿ˜‰