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Roasted Greens (Kale, Mustard Greens, Chard, Broccoli Rabe, Collards)

13 Jul

Roasted GreensI first made this for my sister’s youngest son. He asked for roasted kale, which I had never heard of before. He said it was the only way he ate greens, and after a bit of research, a little fiddling, and a quick roasting, I understood why. This recipe (I dont even want to call it that – its just the alchemy of heat applied to greens) makes tough greens palatable to just about anyone – especially children or adults who just dont like vegetables! You need a tough green – kale is what I started with, but when my organic delivery guy said he had some mustard greens (we call it sawi hijau here in Malaysia), I wondered if you could do the same to any tough green leafy veg. Turns out you can, with stunning results!

To see which kind of greens you can use in this recipe, go to the Cook’s Thesaurus greens list.

You need a tough fibrous green leaf for the high heat of the oven. A little olive oil and some salt and pepper for seasoning creates something akin to a green chip – crispy, slightly burnt, very “green” tasting – totally delectable. And really, the whole process is completed in a matter of minutes. Its embarrassing to even give a recipe for this because its so easy, but believe me, once youve tried roasting one leafy green, you will be on the lookout for others to try!

You will need:

  • 1 kg or so of a dense green – I used kale at first, and for this go round, used mustard greens or sawi hijau
  • 1 tbsp of good olive oil
  • A sprinkling of salt

Preheat your oven to 220C. You want it very hot. The greens wont stay in there that long, so dont worry. Pop a cookie tin in the oven while you prep the greens. You want it hot as the greens hit it.

Wash your greens very well, cutting out the tough stem. You can keep the stem and use for a soup or stir fry if you like. I usually like to salt my greens as I wash them to encourage any animal life to crawl off.

Rinse the greens, but dont worry if they still have a bit of water clinging to them. This will only enhance the cooking process.

Put the greens in a bowl, and sprinkle over the olive oil and the salt and pepper. Use your hands and make sure the greens are completely coated with oil. This is quite important.

Take the cookie tin out of the oven (please remember to use an oven mitt!) and spread the greens across the tin, covering completely. You can use tongs to do this if you like. You should hear them sizzle as they hit the hot tin.

Pop in the oven for about 10 minutes. After about five minutes, take them out, and using the tongs, just give them a little stir, flip them over, etc. Watch carefully after this because depending on your oven, you might want to take them out earlier. You want them crispy, green in spots, slightly burnt and brown in spots.

Take out of the oven and serve immediately.


Another World Cup Sandwich + Strawberries

21 Jun

Tonight we watched and ate and laughed and played with cats. A good night was had by all. We needed simple, delicious, easy to make food, and I didnt really feel like cooking anything complex.

Grilled Tortilla Sandwiches

These grilled cheese and salsa soft tortilla sandwiches are really yummy, and can adapt to what you have in the house

For each sandwich you need:

  • 2 soft flat tacos/wraps
  • Salsa (bottled is fine)
  • Cheese (jack, cheddar, parmesan – whatever you feel like)
  • Soft butter
  • Mushrooms/avocado/tomatoes/sliced raw onions (one or a mix of all three)

Butter one side of a soft tortilla and place on a medium large frying pan, butter down. Place pan over medium heat, and spoon about 2 tablespoons of salsa over the tortilla. Grate cheese over the entire tortilla, and watch it melt . Add the additional filling – I used some quickly sauteed mushrooms – and butter the second tortilla. Place the tortilla over the sandwich fillings, butter side up, and flip it when you feel the bottom side has browned sufficiently. Fry for a minute or two on the second side, and slide onto a large plate. Cut into fourths. Give it a minute to cool down before demolishing.

Strawberries with balsamic

Unbelievably delicious. The acid in the balsamic breaks down the tender strawberry flesh, and creates a phenomenal sauce. More strawberry than the strawberriest strawberry – and so damn simple. Makes more than enough for four people.

  • Strawberries, hulled and sliced (about 2 – 3 cups)
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar (the older the better)

In a non reactive (glass preferably) bowl, slice strawberries. Pour over the balsamic, and using a spoon, stir well to ensure the vinegar completely coats the strawberries. Leave for at least half an hour in the fridge. A strawberry liquor will form – its so damn good, I cant tell you.

Serve strawberries spooned over vanilla ice cream or cold vanilla custard, with a little of the sauce drizzled over each serving.

Quick Hot Family Dinner in 5 minutes (honestly)

20 Jun

It will take you longer to read this recipe than it will to cook it. This is for when you wake up at 4am and cant believe how starving you are. When your tummy needs filling, and you just don’t want to do any work at all. You come home from work, or you’ve been chasing the kids all day, and all you want is sustenance. Or you come home after a night on the tiles (where does that phrase come from?!) and you need something starchy and yummy and simple to soak up all that booze. You can make it for more than 1 person, but its basic. Totally delicious, but basic. Once you have this little trick up your sleeve though, you will be making up excuses to eat it. Don’t try to dress it up. There really is no need.

  • 1 large bowl that you will eat out of
  • ½ cup couscous
  • ½ cup boiling water
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Cheese (Cheddar + Parmesan may be? Whatever you have both that combo is superb)
  • Some frozen peas for colour (and veg) or some tomatoes

Boil some water. As it comes to the boil, put ½ cup of couscous per person in the bowl that youre going to eat out of. Remember that couscous swells, so make it double the size of the amount of couscous youre using.

Put a pinch of salt in with the couscous and mix it all up with a fork. Add some butter to the couscous (may be about 1/2 teaspoon per person or more as you wish, and as your arteries can handle!)

Pour the ½ cup of boiling water over the couscous and cover (I use a sideplate). Leave for 3 -4 minutes.

While the couscous is absorbing the water, and plumping up, get your cheese out the fridge and find a grater. Uncover your bowl, and fluff the couscous up with a fork. Taste and adjust for saltiness. Grate some cheese over this mixture (not a lot, but enough to flavour it) and mix well. Pop in some peas or a few sliced tomatoes to make yourself feel better, and for the “veg” component.

Eat thankfully.